RFID Labels Self Service Solutions

RFID Labels Self Service Solutions the entire set up can be acquired from one single supplier.  Having been in the industry for over 150 years we are the leaders and suppliers of high quality self service retail scales. Additionally we have developed cost effective Radio-frequency identification labels that can be used in nearly any printer.

RFID Labels Self Service Solutions – Applications

In the past RFID labels were extremely costly and would only be used on high ticket items in store. We have now developed a wide range of RFID label formats that can be applied to any product, this could be in production or in store.  From a packet of crisps to a Leg of Lamb, our bespoke RFID labels self service solutions are not only cost effective, they are future proof. These labels are manufactured in Germany and France. Nothing is mass produced and imported we want to guarantee each and every label is of the very best quality.

Alternative applications for glass, plastic, clear labelling, high speed labelling there is not an area within the retail or food industry that we can not accommodate.

In addition to the labels, you may want to consider our self service retail scales. Combined with the RFID solution. All the customer has to do is browse the store, place the bag on the scale, the RFID’s are scanned and the goods are recorded and can then be paid for.

You may have recently heard of a large online company offering a similar solution, however the amount of cameras and infrastructure required would not be cost effective. By adding self service RFID labels to your goods and allowing customers to service themselves will become the norm in the next few years in busy high volume checkout stores.

The costs of the past with regard RFID labels are long gone, ensure you purchase the best manufactured labels to ensure all your goods are protected.

For more information on our RFID labels self service solutions then why not contact us today. We offer free site surveys and consultation visits.