Checkweigher System

Choosing the very best checkweigher system for your food production. So many variants to choose from. On the blog today we will look at the multiple applications and solutions on the market today. Bizerba has been supplying the industry with scales for over 150 years. Be sure that we have the solution for you.

Checkweigher System and Inspection

A check weigher used in conjunction with an inline inspection system. Whether it be x-ray, metal detector or vision inspection. A Bizerba system will be tailored to your requirements. The systems are modular and can be used at any point in the production line.

Due to our decades of experience in the food industry we also offer free site surveys and consultation visits. Establish your requirements and look at the operation and the current needs. We will also take into consideration and expansion or alternative products you may want to use the system for.

One of the most popular combinations for a checkweigher system is with the dynamic verifiable checkweighers CWE Maxx with Metal Detector. Used in the food industry for middle to high performance production facilities. This system will check up to 400 products per minute.

X-Ray Checkweigher System

Additionally a popular combination is to use the X-Ray food system in line with the dynamic checkweigher. This will still check an impressive 400 units per minute. The X-Ray system will be integrated with Bizerda statistical food industry software BRAIN. This is a high output system and can manage products up to weights of 15 kilograms.

Furthermore these systems will check not only for metal but for glass. Including irregular packaging, plastics and many other foreign objects. Units will be programmed to recognise perfect products. Anything outside of the set criteria can be rejected. You may also want to learn about our Hygienic checkweigher.

Checkweigher System with Vision Inspection

Finally consider the new added option of having a vision inspection system to your production line with the inline checkwegher. The new vision inspection system thermo secure. Will check the outward look of all the finish packages. Completely checking everything from seams, seal and label positioning. It will also check for incorrect labelling.

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