Butchers Equipment London

Butchers Equipment London. Would you like us to visit you at your place of business. We stock a wide range of equipment for the butchers trade to include. Retail Scales, Weigh price labelling systems, Meat slicers and more. The highest quality equipment built to last in Germany. Full service and support packages are also available to include extended warranties and maintenance contracts.

Butchers Equipment London – Mincers

Another popular product in the butchers equipment London range the Mincer Carneoline FW N22/82. Alternative cutting methods are available depending on the product that requires mincing. The unit will handle hot and cold meats, vegetables and fruits. If you are looking to demonstrate freshly minced goods in front of your customers this unit will meet your requirements and more. The output depending on the products minced can be anything up to 350 kilograms per hour. The unit is extremely popular in small meat processing plants. The robust unit is built to last with the highest hygienic specifications possible. Alternatively if you are looking for even higher output then consider the Mincer Carneoline FW N32/98. Capable of producing over 1100 kilograms per hour.

Butchers Equipment London – Meat & Bone Saw

Butchers Equipment London - Meat & Bone Saw
Meat & Bone Saw

Two variants of this system firstly the compact Meat and bone saw Carneoline FK23. Ideal compact system with a very small foot print. Areas of use are as follows.

Meat & Bone Saw – Area of Use

  • Suitable for fresh fish as well as for frozen meat
  • Products with bones such as shanks / osso buco and soup bones
  • Production of same weight portions such as cutlets
  • Due to the wide range of saw blades high quality products such as fine fish or matured beef can be processed by accurate weight and optically appealing.

Alternatively if you are looking for a slightly larger solution then consider the Meat and bone saw Carneoline FK32. Highlights of the system are as follows.

Meat & Bone Saw – Highlights
  • Robust s/s design, welded w/o edges
  • Electronics integrated in housing thus perfectly protected against mechanical and water damages
  • Length scale on work table for same thickness setting of slices
  • Solid saw wheels, removable adjustment wheel w/o tools
  • Technically mature wheel and blade scraper system – easy to remove for cleaning
  • Unique Bizerba ergonomics, suitable for both, left and right operation for better cutting results and less risk of injury
  • Easy and hygienic cleaning – special Bizerba cleaners available

In conclusion if you are looking for butchers equipment in London, consider the Bizerba range. Well known for our retail scales and slicers consider the optional equipment we also manufacture. All built to the very highest standard to produce a quality end product. Contact us today of you would like us to visit you or discuss more about our products and services.