Zero Waste Food Shop Scales

Are you looking for zero waste food shop scales. Eliminating packaging and allowing the customers to weigh and serve their selves? We have the perfect solution for you, tried and tested and can be seen working effortlessly in shops around the country. Why not read about one of our recent installs and the fantastic success story so far.

Zero Waste Food Shop Scales @ Planet Organic: New Customer Self-Service Refill Concept

Unpackaged is a concession within Planet Organic, Muswell Hill, whose concept enables customers to buy loose products completely free from all packaging.

Zero Waste Food Shop Scales

Unpackaged is designed as a bulk refill section within the existing store where Catherine Conway, who is the owner and driving force behind the brand, wanted a customer self-service scale to operate for purchases of anything from cereals, chocolate, grains, rice and wine to household cleaning products, in whatever quantities customers require.  The incumbent scale providers were unable to fulfil this function due to inflexibilities in their screen design.

Taking Catherine’s concept and requirements, the Bizerba Retail Sales & Applications Team worked together to deliver a solution that fitted her needs using the Bizerba XC 800 PC-based scale with 15” screen.

Zero Waste Food Shop Scales – How it works!

Zero Waste Food Shop Scales

The open PC platform offers sufficient capacity to cope with new features and individual customer requirements.  The integrated all-purpose printer is unique to the market and can perform every conceivable printing task that may be required.  Daily cleaning of the scale can be carried out quickly and easily thanks to the scales compact design, easy clean housing surface and the frame less easy clean display.

Now a reality at Unpackaged, customers take along and re-use their own food containers using the world’s first fully automated, customer self-serve refill weighing scale.  It’s simple; just take along an empty food container, tare it on the scale, fill it with as much product as you like, weigh it and pay.

In households across the UK we waste approximately 7.2 million tonnes of food every year.  That’s nearly one third of the food we purchase, without taking into account all the packaging that’s involved.  With that in mind, Catherine’s dream for the future is that Unpackaged becomes mainstream and available to the widest number of customers possible both in the UK and across the world and we at Bizerba look forward to working alongside her as that dream comes true.

Zero Waste Food Shop Scales

For more information on our retail scales solutions then contact us today we offer free site surveys and consultation visits. The XC800 self service scale with 15″ screen is in stock ready for next day delivery due to the current high demand.