Retail Scale Advertising Software

Retail Scale Advertising Software from Bizerba. The portfolio of software solutions for your retail scales. The most popular being adverting software for assisted sales. Consider .RetailImpact advertising software.

Retail Scale Advertising Software – Features

Real time price information and advertising. A unique customer experience with targeted advertising. Controlled and automated centrally. This can be store wide or on individual machines.

Improving special offer take up and creating in store awareness. Up selling and cross selling. Adding value to store incentives with a targeted message and display.

Product information for the operator and the customer. Displaying relevant information and increasing customer up take. Consider Bizerba Retail Scales.

Retail Scale Advertising Software – Highlights

Centrally managed content and control for all information displayed. Personal advertising templates. Automatically displaying promotional information. Parallel display for the operator and customer.

Also content and Advertising for Retail the solution enables Bizerba to offer all clients the retail framework in which a new set of weighing scales doesn’t stand for greater expense.

However for measurably greater income. Thanks to easily transferable, low maintenance, open software. Easily integrated and linked to existing Windows or Linux based applications. Business Integration modules from Bizerba.

Retail Scale Advertising Software – Functions

You also may want to look at integrating the .RetailPowerScale. Enabling you to turn you PC based scales into a multinational device Allowing you to seamlessly integrate into existing IT and software systems,.

Furthermore the system allows you to change the operator and customer advertising display remotely. Allowing for further flexibility. Each display can advertise or advise on separate products and can prompt the operator accordingly.

Also the self service option and functionality is second to none, once programmed allows for ease of use. No room for error. Text searches or product pictures. All nutritional facts can be printed on the labels. Able to accommodate decorative or printed labels.

Finally there are many variants of retail scale advertising software solutions we can offer. Why not contact Bizerba today for a free consultation visit.