Digital Trade Approved Scales

Digital Trade Approved Scales from Bizerba. Certified trade approved scales for commercial, industrial & retail uses. Any goods sold by weight and where this has a baring factor on the price. Compliant scales are trade or EC approved by weights and measures.

Digital Trade Approved Scales – Retail

All the digital retail scales in the range are trade approved. Starting with the Basic retail scale EC II 100.  Built in double sided display. Ideal for smaller food outlets. Bakeries or even for food vans. Also used for price calculation or self service scales.

There are many variants not only in the basic range but across the entire catalogue. Flexible options and POS systems. Systems that integrate with existing scanning technology or stand alone systems.

Digital Trade Approved Scales - POS
Digital Trade Approved Scales – POS

Seamlessly integrating with your existing cash register system. Digital trade approved scales increase performance and productivity. Alternative software available for all scales in the range that will speak to any systems no matter who has manufactured the goods.

Digital Trade Approved Scales - K Class
Digital Trade Approved Scales – K Class

In addition to the POS system, consider the K Class retail scales. These are high end PC based retail scales that are not only. All the features you may require from a scale built in or tailored to your business.

Front and rear facing screens, customer displays and advertising areas, built in label printer which can also print on decorative labels. Excellent software and support with the easy clean surface. Currently the industry favourite retail scale or self service scale.

Digital Trade Approved Scales – Industrial

The industrial scales range is vast. All trade approved and adhere to every legislation and compliance requirement globally. If you are looking for industrial scales we would visit you at your place of work as each system is tailored to your specific plant requirements.

Contact Bizerba today to discuss any requirements you may have for digital trade approved scales.