Digital Retail Scales

Digital retail scales or weighing scales. Weighing, cashing, printing, up selling and cross selling. We have a complete range to suit every business. The Bizerba range of Digital retail scales are well respected in the trade, the majority of the major supermarkets in the UK and USA will have our equipment whether it be checkout scales, meat slicers or labelling systems. Robust and easy to use we never compromise on quality.

German technology at it’s very best. Trade approved digital retail scales are without question the cornerstone of nearly every retail outlet where fresh produce is sold. Alternatively they can be used as a basic cash register or labelling system.

Digital Retail Scales – Variants

With over 50 different variants in the range from simple cash registers, hanging scales to PC based networked scales with scanners for large supermarkets we are sure to have a solution for you. Depending on your requirements with so many variants it can still be a bit of a mine field with regard choice, what may be best for your business. Then it may come down to efficiency and cost.

Each model is made by Bizerba, not a third party company. We will never compromise on quality even with the entry level or standard class ranges. In addition we have a complete range of self service retail scales where as your customers can weigh and label the goods they would like. Enabling another level of variety to the end user.

Digital Retail Scales – Further Data

Label printer

  • Print speed – High
  • EAN/UPC bar codes
  • Graphic-capable, printing of logos possible
  • Upper/lower case and several font sizes / fonts

Operator display

  • LCD dot matrix display with full LED back lighting, colour: Orange

Customer display

  • 7″ or 12″ LCD colour display with full LED back lighting


  • Membrane Keyboard
  • Keypad Keyboard
  • Touch Screens
  • Freely Programmable

Operating modes

  • Assisted sales and quick service, cash register functions with amount tendered/change operation, manual or automatic price labelling, with or without addition, weight and fixed price labelling, pre-setting of number of pieces for automatic printing
  • Floating sales via direct operating keys


  • RS232
  • 1x or 2x USB model dependant (only with optional 7″ customer display)
  • RJ12 (cash register drawer)

Temperature range

  • -10 °C to +40 °C

For more information on the Bizerba range of digital retail scales then contact us today for a free site survey and consultation visit.