Packaging Inspection

Packaging inspection. The Bizerba Luceo Thermo Secure L. Full packing inspection, by vision to completely automate your end of line production.

In 2015 Bizerba took over the French company Luceo.

Technology leader in the field of optical inspection systems and solutions, with years of experience in the image analysis arena and close collaboration within the food industry. Luceo has developed unique optical packaging inspection systems for the complete automation of the end of line packaging systems. The current systems in production are as follows.

The packaging inspection systems available

  • Scanfat – A solution for measuring the fat content in raw meat.
  • Slicecheck – A solution for inspecting the appearance of sliced food.
  • VisionRobot – A vision package to guide robots whilst adding extra value and quality to the goods.
  • ThermoSecureT – An integrated inspection system in FFS machines, to inspect, seal, label and appearance.
  • ThermoSecureL – A standalone packaging inspection system that can be placed in between packaging and case-packing again, seal, label and appearance.

ThermoSecure L , packaging inspection advantages.

  • Contact free.
  • Upgradable.
  • Optional IP65 Frame.
  • Easy Installation.
  • User Friendly.
  • Off-Line.
  • Reduced Maintenance.
Packaging Inspection Highlights:
  • Improved packaging inspection in production and product quality.
  • Can be used with all Bizerba Checkweighers
  • Increased productivity thanks to automated encasing.
  • Cost reduction.
  • Protection of product and Brand.
Packaging Inspection Cost Reduction:
  • Complaint handling.
  • Brand Image.
  • Loss of customers.
  • Energy Costs.
  • Materials Costs.
  • Time and Production fault costs.
  • Personnel costs.

Further Features:

ThermoSecure L system will also detect and reject.
  • Foreign particles in seals.
  • Empty trays or packs.
  • Film or seal offset.
  • Incorrect position of top labels.
  • Badly positioned  bottom labels.
  • Failed or wrong labelling, including invalid promotional stickers.
  • Absence or incorrect use by dating.
  • Bad or incorrect use by date reading.
  • Barcode and QR code reading.

You can also employ a modular solution the ThermoSecure inspection system, to specifically identify certain areas of concern, Sealing, presentation of film, labels, use by date, or Seal and presentation.

The completely flexible ThermoSecure L, allows for a wide range of tray packs, thermo forming, flow pack, top sealing, multi formats to include, opaque and transparent films and top and bottom printing.

Adding the module, Bizerba Luceo packaging inspection system offers the flexibility to adapt to any future needs in production.

For more information, to view the machine or a personal visit from one of our area representatives, contact Bizerba.