Ready meal packaging labelling

Ready meal packaging labelling, we have it covered. Pack labels, clear labels, RFID labels. High speed printers and labelling from Bizerba. Clear labelling is becoming ever more popular with industrial customers such as supermarkets and distributors. Clearly visually being able to see the product on display is now seen as a requirement rather than a nice to have. After years of development we have now developed a clear label that can be read by vision inspection systems. Not only does this give clear visibility on the produce in the packet but allows for exact catch weights to be printed as the products pass through the system.

Ready meal packaging labelling – Clear & Simple

Clear ready meal packaging labelling may not on the surface appear to be a challenge. The hurdle to cross in this instance is that clear labels are extremely difficult for most end of line vision inspection systems to read. Hence most manufactures opt for a three tiered approach to accomplishing this at great cost and resources. Packaging can be printed on but this will only reflect a fixed weight. This is the norm within the industry. To the end user a fixed weight or over weight product will always be acceptable. However to the manufacture this could equate to massive manufacturing losses with regard to stock and man  power. the following scenario illustrates the normal fixed weight process.

System Requirements;

This entails at least 6 systems to ensure the package and the contents are correct before it reaches the end of the line. Presently if any packs are under weight, they are reworked, unpack-aged, and put back through the system as they will not meet the fixed weight criteria. Manufactures are allowed up to 10% either way on the overall batch, however to air on the side of caution and ensure the customer always gets at least the fixed weight advertised, any under weight packages are reworked into the system or process. This entails manually removing packs and product, losing valuable packaging and labelling, energy consumption and the labour costs involved are also worth considering.

Ready meal packaging labelling – Catch weight from Bizerba

Imagine being able to eliminate all those additional costs whilst still being able to offer a clear labelling system. In addition consider the cost saving on being able to print the exact catch weight of every package. Eliminating any reworking, repackaging and labelling. Also consider not having to change the package label when a price changes. The system will print the exact weight, exact price clearly. The inspection systems will read and verify the information. You now have a minimum cost saving of at least 10% of your current manufacturing costs with the additional manpower and packaging saved on top.

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