Platform Scales by Bizerba

Bizerba Platform Scales and load receptors. Bench scales and floor scales. Free standing or they can be fitted as pit scales. Can be used in dry or wet areas. Flexible and adaptable and can also be used remotely with an external power pack.

Platform Scales – Economy Range

Ideal for warehouse goods in and goods out. Adapted and used in hazardous areas. Used with a weighing terminal from Bizerba. Further uses and applications for dosing, weighing and formulation where required. Single point loading with or without a mobile frame. Weighing ranges from 3 Kilograms to 300 Kilograms. Depending on the model version.

Platform Scales - Economy Range
Economy Range

Platform Scales – Professional Range

Multipurpose platform scales for accurate weighing. Low design with high weighing range accuracy. from 15 kilograms to 600 kilograms. Heavy duty scales that to be used as a pit scale or as a free standing unit. Additions to this range are the hygienic scales. Weighing ranges from 15 kilograms to 15 kilograms for the food industry.

Platform Scales - Professional Range
Professional Range

Platform Scales – Precision

Strain gauge load receptor or platform scale, perfect fro dry areas. Simply designed with pin point weighing accuracy. Corrosion free load plate with and integrated load protection system. Also adapted for portioning, dosing and counting. Weight ranges from 3100 grams to 35 Kilograms. Electromagnetic weigh cells metro logically approved. Easily integrated with existing systems.

Platform Scales - Precision
Platform Scales – Special

Adapted for multiple uses within industry the range is extensive. Wall mounted, mobile and hanging scales if required. Wall mounted scales with meat hooks.  Floor scales with on off ramps. Automatic over head scales with load receptors or platform scales. Load carries and roller tracks that can weigh up to 20 tonnes. Vehicle scales, pit scales and warehouse heavy load scales.

Platform Scales - Special
Platform Scales – Special

What ever your weighing requirements are we are sure to have a industrial platform scale or Bizerba checkweigher solution for you. For more information on our products and services please contact Bizerba.