Heavy Duty Floor Scales

Heavy duty floor scales from the global scale weighing leaders Bizerba. Floor scales or load receptors are ideal for logistical areas, goods in and goods out. In addition often used as counting scales at the end of the production line. Adding a secondary check on the goods when packed and ready to go into storage or shipping. We have the perfect range of heavy duty floor scales for every scenario. They also come with high IP protection, ideal for wet cleaning areas. perfectly suited for food production manufacturing.

Heavy Duty Floor Scales – Weighing Ranges

The special range of load receptors will weigh anything from 1 kilogram to 30 tonnes. Heavy duty floor scales can be as precise as required. weighing to the gram or to the nearest kilo, whichever is more suitable for the job at hand. All scales can be paired with our range of industrial weighing terminals. The terminals will work with any heavy duty floor scales. Depending on the weights that need to be measured and the areas in which the terminals are placed we will have a solution for you. From the small powerful weighing terminal iS10, to the heavy duty industrial weighing terminal iS50-Ex ideal for hazardous or even potentially explosive areas.

Heavy Duty Floor Scales – Lift Up floor Scale

Heavy Duty Floor Scales - Lift Up floor Scale
Heavy Duty Floor Scales – Lift Up floor Scale

Consider the scale above, extremely flexible design although very heavy and robust. The scale lifted easily with one hand assisted with a gas pressurised spring. The load receptor lends its self to hygienic cleaning. Highlights and areas of use of this scale are as follows:

  • Multi point load receptor for goods receiving, warehousing and shipping; depending on the version suitable for load capacities of up to 1500 kg.
  • Used in combination with Bizerba weighing terminals, used for counting, dosing, formulation, checking and commissioning.
  • Suitable for use in potentially explosive zones 1/21 and 2/22
  • Load receptor for the most demanding tasks in the food and pharmaceutical industries
  • Lift-deck mechanism for ideal cleaning including underneath the platform
  • Extra flat 60 mm deck
  • Easily adjusts to the most varied and diverse applications

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