Metal Detectors

Metal Detectors for the food industry from Bizerba. Normally the final check before packing. This final inspection insures that nothing has contaminated the product. Checking for ferrous and non ferrous metals. Capable of detection easily with packaged and unpack-aged food products. Inspecting goods of up to 50 kilograms. A robust conveyor belt with easy quick change options ensures seamless high speed search sensitivity.

Using an industrial metal detector at the end of the line before packing ensures that every machine the product has passed through in the plant has not lost any metallic fragments. Due to the size of industrial food plants there is a high risk that a faulty machine may loose even the smallest fragments of metal. The two main types of systems we supply are as follows VARICON+D series is designed for dry areas and the VARICON+W for wet areas. Alternatively you may want to look at x-ray food inspection systems which can identify nearly all foreign body types.

Metal Detectors – Highlights

  • GLS or GHF coil for a new dimension in detection sensitivity
  • Stainless steel design with IP65 rating (optionally IP 66/IP 69) to meet the strict hygienic requirements in accordance with HACCP, IFS and BRC
  • Maximum sensitivity and discriminatory capability while maintaining high resistance to interference Easy training of device for specific products; speeds adjustable
  • Multi-product memory for up to 240 product facilitates the set-up process and optimises the system’s overall performance
  • _statistic.BRAIN software for reporting. Or you could look at our food traceability software by Nucleus.

Bizerba Metal Detectors

Also consider the flexibility of the metal detectors or the x-ray food inspection systems from Bizerba. Easily integrating with existing systems and software. High speed, extremely high reliability. German technology at it’s very best. With regard cleaning and maintenance every part of the machine is engineered for ease of access. Worn belts can be changed in less than a minute without the need for tools.

For more information or a demonstration on the Bizerba metal detector range then contact us today. By appointment you may visit our showroom in Milton Keynes or we offer free site surveys and consultation visits.