Checkweigher Conveyor

Checkweigher Conveyor from Bizerba. The industry leading specialists in weighing, inspection and software systems for the food industry. Whilst the products are in motion the checkweigher conveyor will automatically record the weights as it passes along the line. The system can also be set up to automatically reject any packages or items that fall outside the criteria that is set in the system. Easy integration into existing conveyor systems and each unit can be tailored to your individual requirements. Standard software is built into the system, however it will also talk to third party software systems ensuring that there is no disruption along the conveyor lines.

Checkweigher Conveyor – Logistic Systems

Additionally to the standard dynamic and hygienic checkweighers for the food industry we also supply a complete range of in motion weighing scales. The dynamic in-motion scales CWL Eco flexx and CWL-I ideal for high-speed, heavy load, or high safety class applications.

Checkweigher Conveyor In Motion Scales
Checkweigher Conveyor In Motion Scales

Area of Use

The dynamic in-motion scale with weighing ranges from 15 kg to 60 kg can be used for:

  • Filling quantities and piece weight control
  • Check on completeness and quality control
  • Product recognition through scanner station (barcode)
  • Integration into sorting applications
  • Easy Integration in infeed lines (e.g. automatic stocks)
  • Software Integration systems for parcel shipping
  • harsh environments (CWL-I with protection class IP65)

Checkweigher Conveyor – Dual Scale

Checkweigher Conveyor Dual Scale
Checkweigher Conveyor Dual Scale

Alternatively you may need an industrial dual scale in the logistics area, consider the dual scale CWL Max. For higher package throughput a continuous flow of units can be weighed without interruption. Some of the highlights of this type of checkweigher conveyor are as follows.


  • Increased package throughput by making use of two or three weighing systems
  • Robust design combined with durable construction
  • Configurable program processes for presence control and commissioning control (e.g. counting)
  • Totaling and print release without external PLC control
  • Plus/minus tolerance check with variable parameter records
  • Production error recognition

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