Weigh Price Labelling

Weigh Price Labelling systems from Bizerba. Automatically labelling products from 70 packages per minute to 170 packages per minute. The modular systems easily configured to all food production requirements. Intelligent weighing and labelling of packaged goods. There are limitless variations for the Bizerba price and goods system GLM-Ievo weigh price labelling. All systems easily integrated with vision inspection systems to ensure a perfect product leaves the production line every time.

Weigh Price Labelling – Highlights

  • Control of up to 6 label control systems
  • Saving function for thermal ribbon transfer
  • Plug-In® label function [via “Plug-In® label” (label roll with data matrix coding on the back) automatic label verification and machine configuration can be carried out.]
  • Quality Check Inside (visual check of packages and labels)
  • UNICODE inside
  • Printing and processing of any one and two-dimensional standard bar codes, among other things the data matrix and QR code

Weigh Price Labelling – Further Details


Also all GLM-Ievo weigh price labelling versions are network-compatible, individually expandable. Having the best labelling technology features and are easy to operate and service. They include a quick belt change system for the conveyor, a Plug-In® label functionality and a modular designed control cabinet for simplified error analysis.

Packages are fed at high speed, weighed and depending on the package size exactly aligned, labelled and controlled with the integrated “Quality Check Inside” system. Air-jet, rotary and piston applications may be used for labelling. Specially for label printing from below Bizerba has developed a belt label system that  applies labels  to small or thin packages with ease.

Plug-in® label

Also when inserting a label roll a label verification and machine configuration this is automatically performed via the Plug-In® label (coded label roll). This reduces set-up times and minimises costs for product returns in case of incorrectly labelled goods.

 Software BRAIN2

Furthermore the comprehensive BRAIN2 software is highly flexible in terms of processes, quality management and label design. BRAIN2 establishes the conditions needed for synchronous goods and data flows, from goods receiving to shipping.

So in conclusion whatever your weigh price labelling requirements then we will have a solution for you. Contact us for more information.