Industrial Checkweighing

Industrial checkweighing and checkweighers from Bizerba. The three main categories for these types of machines are as follows. Metro-logical approved checkweighers, Checkweighers with built in metal detectors. Finally  Checkweighers for unpack-aged food. Standard Dynamic checkweighers have a lower IP protection than the systems required for checking unpack-aged food . Different levels of checkweighing speeds and packing sizes will be accommodated by these systems.

Industrial Checkweighing – Inspection Systems

Furthermore to compliment the checkweighers are the integrated systems with metal detectors. For Each dynamic checkweigher on the line, it is recommended that additional inspection systems are added. Ranging from a metal detector, x-ray food inspection system or alternatively a vision inspection system.

Food production lines that  require extremely stringent visibility and food traceability will now incorporate the following system set up. Weigh price labelling system, followed but a dynamic checkweigher to verify the weight, an x-ray system or metal detector. Then finally a vision inspection system to check the labels, package integrity and correct labelling.

On occasion a system may incorporate a metal detector and an x-ray food system. But rarely. The most popular system for checking the contents of packages now has to be the x-ray food system. The machines not only check for metallic objects they will also identify all and any foreign bodies within a package, Even down to the exact required density of the product.

Industrial Checkweighing

Finally to compliment the automated systems we have entire range of industrial weighing scales that will weigh anything from individual items on a conveyor belt to large industrial pallet scales. Each scale, combined with a terminal and the appropriate integrated software that will talk to your back office systems. At all times measuring productivity and cost rates.

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