X-ray Food Inspection Systems

X-ray Food Inspection Systems from Bizerba. A recent change in inspection systems has seen a shift from metal detection to full x-ray food and vision inspection systems. Not only checking for metal but any contaminants that may enter the production line.

X-ray Food Inspection Systems – Advantages

Firstly the main advantage of the x-ray food system. Checking not only for metal contaminants but will also highlight glass, plastics, rubber, bone the list is endless. Ensuring no contaminants enter the production line is paramount and more often than not. Purchasing groups and supermarkets will insists you have this layer of protection.

Also consider these x-ray food inspection systems will check up to four production lines simultaneously. High speed, high accuracy inspection for your food production lines. Normally used with high speed dynamic checkwieghing and vision inspection systems offering you complete food traceability of every item that leaves the line.

X-ray Food Inspection Systems – With Vision

Furthermore used with a vision inspection system such as the ThermoSecure L. Every seal on every package is checked. The top and base of the packages are also checked. Seals, Seams and labels checked. Images of every package is saved for future reference. Each bar code, all data recorded for future reference. The vision inspection system is the end of the line check.

Finally packages that pass all the checks from weight, contamination, vision are then packaged and sent for storage or directly to the customer. No contamination means no costly product recalls. Maintain the production line integrity with x-ray food inspection systems.

In conclusion we can supply all the inspection systems you may require for your food production line. From Weighing, Inspection, Packing, Palatalising and dispatch.  We have also developed a vast range of modular software packages that integrate seamlessly into existing production and ERP software systems.

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