Scale Labellers

Scale Labellers for Butchers and food manufactures from Bizerba. Also known as weigh price labelling systems. Ideal for weight related product printing.

Scale Labellers – GLPmaxx

The most popular system is the GLPmaxx 160 with Thermal direct printing. Ideal for product labelling, as a stand alone system or a complete printing solution. The solid GLP is ideal for food manufacturing, logistics, goods in and dispatch.

Scale labellers are network ready and all controlled remotely via the internet or intranet. Any settings or adjustments  made remotely without the need for any tools or physical adjustments. Just add the label roll and it will be ready to go.

Various models are available depending on the label types you may require. Alternative terminals can adapted even if they are from a 3rd party supplier. The intuitive software will adapt easily configured to any terminal.

Also used with an iS70 weighing terminal with high IP65 protection. The terminal controls weighing, dosing counting and monitoring. Optional wi-fi technology as an additional extra or it comes with Ethernet connections as standard.

Scale Labellers - IS70
Scale Labellers

Scale Labellers – Software

A master data maintenance tool _dataMaintenance.BRAIN software designed for Bizerba terminals, printers and applications. Controlling and reporting on all PLU data including the label parameters. The user friendly interface reports on the live status on all the labels printers and load receptors or checkweighers within the business.

The _statistics.BRAIN software gives real time reporting, the modular, Bizerba Industry software solutions can all be tailored to your specific plant or production requirements. Multiple software packages that all speak to each other seamlessly with one user interface or modular depending on your requirements.

The software systems can collect data from any output source, Translate it and report in real time. No matter what software you have in place from accounting to distribution, if there is output data, the software can create and manage everything from one interface or application.

For more information on our terminals, software or scale labellers, contact Bizerba today for a free site survey, consultation visit or discussion on the options available.