Vision Label Inspection System

Vision label inspection system from Bizerba. Consider the ThermoSecure L. Luceo vision inspection system. The unit works in conjunction with an inline checkweigher or dynamic checkweiger. Checks seals and package integrity. Records every package and will reject automatically inferior products.

Not only checking the packages from the top. The ThermoSecure L Vision  system also checks the bottom of the packages. All the while recording the data. This  viewed in real time or archived for referencing at a later date.

Not only is the seal integrity checked on every package but also the labels. Checking if the correct label has been used. The label position is in the right place and also checks the bar codes. Expiry dates and QR code technology where present.

Vision Label Inspection System – Alternatives

An alternative to the ThermoSecure L is the BVS®-L maxx vision inspection system. This also checks packages from above and below, Seal integrity and label parameters, Easily integrated into existing industrial food production systems or for use with a dynamic checkweigher or metal detector.

The the BVS®-L maxx vision inspection system utilises two cameras. You can also manually view the images in real time as the packages pass through the system. The impressive belt speed of over 110 meters per minute is possible with this robust and reliable vision label inspection system.

Vision Label Inspection System – Adaptations

Furthermore both systems, integrated with checkweighers, x-ray food systems or metal detectors. Seamlessly integrate with 3rd party standard sized systems. The built in software designed to be flexible, reading and enabling you to control 3rd party machines on the line.

Finally if you would like to see these machines in action you may book an appointment to view these systems at our industrial showroom in Milton Keynes. Alternatively we offer free site surveys consultation visits and quotes.

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