Metal Detectors Food Inspection

Metal Detectors Food Inspection systems from Bizerba. Ready meals and high speed processed food production require different levels of inspection.  As well as metal detectors you may also want to consider x-ray food systems and vision inspection systems.

Metal Detectors Food Inspection – Varicon+

Consider the Varicon+metal detectors. Two variants with an extensive range of accessories.  The Varicon+D for Dry areas and the Varicon+W for Wet areas. Detecting in goods of up to 50 Kilograms in weight. A robust conveyor belt system with extremely high sensitivity levels.

Furthermore the metal detectors food inspection system has a built in rejection system. Any packages containing any metal, ferrous and non ferrous will be rejected automatically. Reject bins and pushers can be supplied.

All Bizerba metal detectors conform to BRC, IFS and HACCP compliance guidelines. IP 65 protection or optionally IP66 and IP69 high protection is also available.

Metal Detectors Food Inspection – Alternatives

In addition to metal detectors. Consider an x-ray food system. Checking for rubber, plastics, glass, bone and much more. These will of course also detect metal and product density. The XRE_2 X-Ray inspection system detects all foreign objects in packaged or unpacked products. An additional layer of security to enable you to avoid those costly product recalls.

Also consider the final check on the production line with and Vision inspection system. Two variants available in the range, depending on the IP protection level required.

Consider the popular BVS®-L maxx vision inspection system. The final check before goods enter packing and shipping, stored or sent to your customers. Checking the seal of the packs. The label positioning. The correct labels have been used additionally checking that every sell by date, expiry date conforms to the set criteria.

In addition, each package has a physical image stored for future reference. Every package that passes through the vision inspection system easily called upon at a later date. Reducing the recall risk  to a minimum.

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