Inline checkweigher vision inspection

Inline checkweigher vision inspection systems from Bizerba. Consider completing your industrial production lines with a dynamic checkweigher and include a vision inspection system.

Inline Checkweigher Vision Inspection – Options

Initially consider a dynamic checkweigher, depending on the speed required and the protection needed for the environment that the system will be operating in. We will have a solution for you.

The entry level CWEmaxx dynamic checkweigher is one of the most popular in the food industry today. Belt speeds of up to 170 meters per minute. IP 65 Protection. 12 inch colour screen and easily incorporated into existing ERP food data capture systems.

There are two alternative variants in the checkweighing range, the entry level and the higher IP protection and higher speed models. However if you are looking for a bespoke or tailored system for your business we will be happy to accommodate you.

Finally the vision inspection system for the end of your line production systems. Although you may have x-ray food systems and alternative inspection systems in place.

The BVS®-L maxx vision inspection system will check packages from above and below. Recording an image of every item. Not only checking the seal integrity. Also checking that each label, positioned correctly ensuring the correct labels are used.

Inline Checkweigher Vision Inspection – Conclusion

Whatever the checkweighing requirements are or inspection requirements we will have a solution for you. Established since 1866. Not the inventors of weight systems but always at the forefront in technological advances throughout the years.

From weighing to slicing to goods in to dispatch we have the entire range of industrial food equipment systems in place for you. In addition we have developed the most reliable and respected software support packages for the food industry to date.

Also now working in partnership with Niche Food Systems. We now offer a complete range of modular and bespoke software packages that will work with any third party hardware systems.

Finally for more information on inline checkweigher vision inspection systems or software systems then why not contact us today. We offer free site surveys and consultation visits.