Automatic Checkweighing Scales

Automatic Checkweighing Scales and Dynamic checkweighers from Bizerba. Industry leaders in weight related systems and industrial food inspection systems.

Automatic Checkweighing Scales – Variants

The entry level dynamic checkweigher is the CWDMaxx Dynamic checkweigher. The entry level model weighing up to 250 units per minute. IP54 Protection. The ideal choice for any production facility not requiring wet cleaning. If you are looking for the Hygienic checkweigher then you may want to consider the CWPMaxx with High IP69 Protection.

The mid range automatic checkweighing scales is the CWEMaxx dynamic checkweigher. Included with High IP65 Protection and weighing packages of up to 15 kilograms and 250 units per minute. The system normally used in conjunction with an automated vision inspection system and metal detectors.

Finally the last one in the basic range of automatic checkweighers is the dynamic checkweigher CWFMaxx. Ideal for systems that need to be meticulously clean. The entire unit is designed to repel dirt and not allow a build up in any areas of the machine.

Automatic Checkweighing Scales – Inspection

In addition to checkweighing, each system integrates with Bizerba inspection systems seamlessly. From metal detectors, x-ray food systems and vision inspection systems.. Every aspect of the production line monitored on the shop floor or alternatively managed remotely from a back office with the Bizerba BRAIN industrial software packages.

Automatic Checkweighing Scales – Highlights

  • Protection type IP54 to IP69
  • Statistic data evaluation with _statistics.BRAIN
  • 12″ colour touch screen
  • Quick and easy cleaning via the specially developed belt body and quick belt change system
  • Integration of a metal detector possible
  • Individual adjustment to customer requirements in terms of band width and length.
Automatic checkweighing scales – Areas of use
  • Suitable for hygienically controlled area’s between open and packaged goods (IP54 -IP65 – IP69)
  • Depending on weight and size up to 400 products per minute can be weighed
  • Suitable for fill quantity control
  • Weighing ranges from 10 to 15,000 grams

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