Vision Inspection Luceo ThemoSecure

The Bizerba Vision Inspection Luceo ThemoSecure L. The key feature  of this vision inspection system is the seal and seam integrity checking. The end of line system not only checks the seals and seams but also the labels and label positioning.

Vision Inspection Luceo ThemoSecure – Features

Furthermore, key features of the system include checking packages from above and below. Not only checking the correct labels have are used but also that the label position, expiry date and product information is correct.

Also defective packages automatically rejected with pushers of your choice, either compressed air or physical arm pushers. Any drift in the production line the unit will reject the products. Consistent rejections the line will shut down automatically.

In addition you may also want to consider the alternative vision inspection system. The Bizerba BVS®-L maxx. This unit is specifically designed to be used with dynamic checkweighers and x-ray food systems.

Vision Inspection Luceo ThemoSecure – Highlights

  • Full packaging vision inspection also seal and labelling will be simultaneously checked
  • Guaranteeing the correct packaging for product
  • Automatically sorting of the products which do not correspond with the correct reference criteria
  • Modular will integrate a wide variety of sensors according to site control requirements
  • Well suited for multiple lines with automatic product changes
  • Robust optical and vision inspection systems
  • Hygienic design with high IP protection
  • Compatible with a wide range of products (thermo formed or top sealed trays and flow packs.  Seal area can be fully transparent, partly coloured or printed)
  • Traceability tool (image backup with date and time for good and defective products, product counters and production history,  full data capture and historical reporting for the machine history)

Vision Inspection Luceo ThemoSecure – Options

  • Robot guidance communication tool and software
  • Dual lane version. Enabling checks on two alternative products simultaneously
  • High Protection level IP66
  • With single pneumatic rejection or dual rejection module
  • Mechanical or air-blower pusher or rejection systems
  • Lockable rejection bins. Avoiding inferior products returning to the lines
  • Air conditioning in hot production areas to ensure no over heating can occur within the vision system.

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