Approved Retail Scales

Approved retail scales, from Bizerba. From integration into existing POS weighing systems from most manufactures to stand alone retail scales. Flexible interfaces and software allow for easy interface protocol alignment.

Approved Retail Scales – POS

Consider the checkout scale for NCR systems the CS 300. The approved retail scale will work with your existing scanning equipment and any other features you may have in the checkout area.

Approved Retail Scales
Approved Retail Scales

As well as the POS retail scale solutions we have an entire range of alternative retail scale options and price label systems. Flexible systems that can integrate with your existing equipment. Flexible software solutions, tailored to individual requirements.

All the Bizerba scales are approved for the trade. In fact all the scales we sell are trade approved globally. Whether they are industrial scales or the smaller retail scales each one is calibrated for optimum performance for the designed setting.

Consider one of the most flexible solutions for retail is the K-Class Flex. This modular system easily integrated with existing scanners, printers and cash drawer. Or you can purchase each of the required parts as modular units. This could also assist with a gradual upgrade to existing systems as and when new hardware is required. You could upgrade it  gradually.

Approved Retail Scales
Approved Retail Scales – K Class Flex

Furthermore the range includes approved basic retail weighing scales ideal for smaller retail outlets where the need for flexibility and cost effectiveness needs considering.

Approved Retail Scales – Basic Scales

Starting with the basic scale SC II 200. With integrated standard label printer and a fast processor and memory. A back lit screen to enable assisted sales and customer information.

Finally a wide range of basic scales are available from hanging scales to approved retail scales with price label systems. All incorporate energy saving and perfect weighing performance. Integrated software that is perfect for inventory control for stock and end of day.

For further information on Bizerba products and services and the complete range of retail scales then contact us today for a free site survey or quote.