Dynamic Checkweighing

Industry Leaders Dynamic checkweighing from Bizerba. Used within the food processing industry where High IP protection is required. Consider the CWFmaxx dynamic checkweighers.

Dynamic Checkweighing – Industry Standards

Legally trade approved checkweighing systems are calibrated before delivery. Additional products  added at later dates without causing disruptions to the production lines. Easily set up and calibrated for all new products without interruption.

Additionally the Hygienic checkweigher with high IP69 protection is the CWPmaxx dynamic checkweigher. Extremely solid construction, ergonomic design. Perfectly suited in wet cleaning areas.

Suitable for fresh food production areas or unpack-aged goods. to include.

  • Seafood.
  • Poultry & Game.
  • Fresh meat, ground meat.
  • Sausages / cold cuts & cheeses.
  • Instant meals, tinned food, ready meals.
  • Bread, cakes and pastries and pies.
  • Dairy products.

Dynamic checkweighing – Highlights

Some of the key features of the hygienic checkweighers are as follows.

  • Throughput: up to 250 products per minute.
  • Weighing ranges: 50 grams – 3000 grams.
  • Protection type:High IP69 for wet cleaning.
  • Applications in the food and non-food sectors, also with tendency control.
  • Behind filler or portioning devices.
  • Optimised weight and fill amount control.
  • Interface to Bizerba’s data management solution _statistics.BRAIN Software.

Dynamic checkweighing – Design

Also the modular design concept will adjust and fit in with any existing production lines. The height of the conveyor can be adjusted on site as can the pushers and visual alert systems.

In addition wide ranging software applications and hardware configurations ensures that your plant will be as up to date as it can be at all times, now and into the future. Our teams will come visit you at the site and design and propose the right solution for you.

Finally the team here in the UK have been installing and designing these systems for decades and have experienced nearly every type of scenario possible. We understand each site is different and not one size fits all.

For more information on dynamic checkweighing or for a free no obligation quote. Contact Bizerba today.