Butcher Equipment Supplier

The butcher equipment supplier Bizerba. Renowned for producing the finest retail scales, price labellers and weighing systems for retail and industry. We now have a range of solid and robust butchers equipment.

Butcher Equipment Supplier – Products

The most accomplished production system for mincing is the Carneoline FW N32/98 meat mincer. As oppose to squashing the meat, the system employs a revolutionary worm system that produces the very best quality mince. As oppose to squashing the meat so that the structure and composition breaks down. The Bizerba system guarantees increased oxygen content and the meat stays as vibrant and red when it comes out of the unit.

Also another product in the range is the steak or strip cutter Carneoline S111. The perfect tenderiser for fine cuts of meat. The system also  used on fruit and vegetables. This compact little unit will strip cut anything from 4 millimetres to 20 millimetres. Can be used on production lines and is small and compact enough that it can be moved easily and safely.

Why not watch the latest video on the best strip cutter on the market today.

Butcher Equipment Supplier – Slicers

Additionally we of course supply a wide range of slicing equipment. This includes meat and bone saws consider the Carneoline FK23. All the safety features you will ever need. Easy blade changes and made completely of stainless steel for the ultimate hygienic solutions.

Also in the range are the hot and cold traditional meat slicers. From manual vertical slicers to the huge industrial slicers. We proudly supply butchers to food manufactures globally. Now supplying some of the largest production companies and the largest supermarket chains in the untied Kingdom for all their industrial food production and food retail systems.

Butcher Equipment Supplier – Bizerba

In conclusion, if you are looking for the very best butcher equipment supplier. Or you would like to read more about our Butchers equipment. Guaranteed and dependable. Backed by a full network of install and service engineers then look no further.

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