Automated Vision Inspection System

Automated Vision Inspection System from Bizerba. These sytems not only check pack integrity they will also go as far as checking the label position, the correct label has been used, the integrity of the package and also take and archive an image of every single product that passes along the conveyor.

Automated Vision Inspection System – Options

Flexible solutions for automated vision inspection systems come in two variants but these can be adapted to your specific requirements and tailored to suit your needs. The most popular system is the Bizerba BVS®-L maxx vision inspection system. Checking with belt speeds of up to 110 meters per minute.

Alternatively you may want to look at the newest edition to the Bizerba range.

Also the Vision inspection systems Thermosecure L. Inspecting seal seams and package integrity as well as sell by dates, bar codes and label and package integrity. Consistent rejection of packages will alert the operating staff. They can check the line, rectify the problem and continue to check and inspect all the packages.

Used with inline dynamic checkweghers the automated vision inspection system will ensure that product recalls and reduced to an absolute minimum. Checking package weights and rejecting any over weight or under weight items.

Recently the trend to use x-ray food systems as oppose to metal detectors has become the norm. When you x-ray food the layer of inspection is multiplied. Not only checking for ferrous and non ferrous metals it will also identify rubber, plastic, stones, bones and glass. A much higher degree of integrity without compromising on the smallest and what may seem to be an insignificant contamination will easily be rejected.

Finally if you are looking for an automated vision inspection system for your product line.

Contact Bizerba today for a free site survey or site visit. We will come and access the production line. Goods that need to be inspected and weighed and recommend a solution for you.


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