Automated Vision Inspection

Automated vision inspection from Bizerba. Two main systems supplied are the Bizerba BVS®-L maxx vision inspection system and the ThermoSecure L. Both automated vision inspection systems easily integrated into existing production lines.

Automated Vision Inspection – BVS®-L maxx

Checking the text on the labels as well as the position and type. Perfectly suitable for integration into existing checkweighers. Completely automated,monitored remotely from a back office or alternatively clear displays show the monitoring in real time.

We recommend using the Dynamic checkweigher CWEmaxx. The system will of course work with any checkweigher and we have integration software that can enable all your systems to communicate whether they are Bizerba or any 3rd party system.

The system has an IP65 protection level suitable for wet and dry areas. These systems will also check the pack sizes, package integrity and seals. The cameras will check the top and bottom of the packs where labels are recorded and scanned.

Automated Vision Inspection - ThermoSecure L
Automated Vision Inspection – ThermoSecure L

Automated Vision Inspection – ThermoSecure L

The newest automated vision inspection system is the new ThermoSecure L vision inspection system. A stand alone inspection system that also checks from above and below will reject any packages with faulty seams, incorrect labels and bar codes. The system should be set up halting production when alerts sound.

Furthermore every package scanned is recorded by the cameras for future trace ability. Each pack that is sent out the door is guaranteed, that the packs left you in perfect condition. Helping you avoid costly product recalls or supermarket fines.

Checking and recording 200 packages per minute. Again IP65 protection Quick conveyor belt changes which take less than 1 minute. The design lends itself to complete hygiene and it is a sealed system.

Also the full trace ability from the system is immeasurable. Every package, scanned, recorded and archived. Used in conjunction with a dynamic checkweigher and x-ray inspection system you will remove 100% of the risks with regard product recalls or contamination

Finally for more information on the Automated vision inspection systems from Bizerba contact us today for a free site survey or consultation visit.