Checkweighing System Selection

The Checkweighing System Selection from Bizerba. There are three basic systems in the Bizerba range. However due to the fact these are industrial and generally bespoke systems for each industrial use. We have at this stage opted to offer a more personal approach rather than offer a guide that ultimately may not reach or meet all your requirements.

Checkweighing System Selection – Which Unit?

All the information on performance and uses can be found here on this blog or on the main Bizerba website. We will look at the three main units that are the most popular and the most flexible in terms of integration into existing lines.

Starting with the Dynamic checkweigher CWDmaxx. This system will check and weigh up to 250 units per minute. With IP54 protection this is the perfect system if you do not require wet cleaning or harsh industrial environments.These units are modular and can be added easily into existing production lines.

Even as an entry level checkweighing system selection this unit boasts the flexibility to accommodate up to five belt systems, checking and weighing 5 lines. rejecting with pushers any products that are over weight or under weight.

checkweighing system selection - CWEmaxx
checkweighing system selection – CWEmaxx

Consider the most popular checkweighing system selection is the dynamic checkweigher CWEmaxx. This system will check weigh, inspect and reject up to 400 units per minute. Again rejecting products with pushers if they do not meet your set criteria. Available with IP65 protection and will weigh anything from 10 grams to 1500 grams.

Easy belt changes are a feature on the range making the checkweighing system selection a much easier task. The features of the units are quite consistent. Generally the areas of use and output or performance changes as you go up through the range,

Checkweighing System Selection – CWFmaxx

Finally the last of the basic dynamic checkweighers is the CWFmaxx dynamic checkweigher. This unit includes all the features of the CWDmaxx and CWEmaxx and is generally used in the food production industry. This is the start or entry level to our hygienic checkweigher range.

Also this system comes with IP65 protection. Statistical brain software. 12″ colour screen. Easy cleaning even in wet areas. Easy Belt changes Easily integrated into existing systems and can also come with a metal detector.

In conclusion having a simple checkweighing system selection chart as a rule will not work. We offer free site surveys and consultation visits. Why not contact Bizerba today to book an appointment.