Checkweigher Machine

If you are considering purchasing a checkweigher machine. Bizerba have an entire range perfectly suited to many environments. Consider the CWEmaxx series dynamic checkweigher. Used in combination with vision inspection machines and X-Ray food inspection machines. Will ensure any product recalls are completely eliminated.

Checkweigher Machine –  Hygiene

All our checkweighers are perfectly suited as hygienic checkweigher, however the most popular variant is the CWPmaxx. This variant adheres to the highest hygienic demands in the food industry. Mainly used in the unpackaged food areas.  The system weighs and checks products or fresh produce. Rejecting with pushers and defective or under weight packages or items.

Checkweigher Machine - Hygiene
Checkweigher Machine – Hygiene

Checkweigher Machine – Metrologically approved

All our checkweighers are approved for food processing. Weighing ranges from 10 grams to 1500 grams. Each item is rejected is recorded and if necessary automatically rejected with pushers. If too many products are rejected in succession. the systems will automatically shut the operation until the fault is rectified.

Also the components on the checkweigher machine are easily accessed and cleaned. No tools are needed to change a belt when these are damaged. Quick belt change is a must for all high speed food production environments. Depending on the size and weight of the objects being weighed, these systems will measure up to 400 units per minute.

Checkweigher Machine with Inspection

Furthermore used in combination with a vision  inspection system the machine checkweigher will become some of the most important safety features within the food production plant. Not only checking for over filled and under filled packages but checking for foreign objects within the packed items. X-Ray food inspection systems will detect anything from rubber, stones, metal and plastics. These systems can also check for irregular consistencies within the packages.

Again all the while reporting, recording and rejecting and units that fall outside the criteria that has been set up on the system. Further support comes with our unique Bizerba software solutions for the food industry.

Finally if you would like a free site survey or a demonstration of our industrial range of products please contact Bizerba and we can come and visit you or you may make an appointment.