Precision checkweighing solutions

Precision checkweighing solutions from Bizerba. The standard dynamic checkweigher CWEmaxx the most popular solution coupled with a BVS®-L maxx vision inspection system. The dynamic checkweighing solutions are quite varied and are generally tailored to each individual customers requirements.

Precision Checkweighing Solutions – Flexibility

Having a tailored approach gives you the flexibility to arrange the system to suit your requirements, allowing for expansion or reduction in capacity where required. A standard off the shelf system will not allow for this.

The CWE is the standard checkweigher in the range. It does however have the flexibility of having various versions depending on the production requirements. Mainly used in the food industry but can also be used for non food or dry goods. The maximum weight ranges for this system is 15 Kilograms.

An alternative checkweigher will be the hygeinic checkweigher the Bizerba Variant is the CWPmaxx. ideal for wet areas and areas where fresh food or open packages are used. These systems are also used in heavy industrial environments and can withstand extremely harsh areas of use.

Precision Checkweighing Solution – With Vision

Coupled with a vision inspection system the checkweigher adds a whole new dimension to the line. These systems work together with statistical reporting software. The BVS®-L maxx vision inspection system checks packages from above and below.

Package sizes and weights checked and rejected accordingly. Additional checks include bar code and label positioning. Correct labels and the correct expiry or sell by dates are also recorded and if out side the set parameters are rejected.

Precision checkweighing solutions from bizerba, the most respected integrated production line systems. Integrated with metal detectors and vision inspection systems they will allow you to adhere to the strictest supply requirements a retailer may have.

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