Butchers Equipment Swindon

Butchers Equipment Swindon from Bizerba. We will visit you at your place of business to demonstrate our range. No need to visit shows or visit retail outlets. Supplying Butchers and delicatessens across the globe we have an entire range of equipment from slicers to weigh price labelling systems.

Butchers Equipment Swindon – Mincers

The Carneoline FW N22/82 Mincer is possibly one of our most popular products currently. It will handle cooked and smoked meats. Raw and marbled meats. Hot & cold and will handle vegetables with ease.

The mincer will gently mince products by using a worm solution unique to Bizerba. As oppose to forcing the meat and completely ruining the texture this system creates a perfect textured product every time.

The compact unit can easily be situated in the view of the customer that requires the very freshest minced product. Easily cleaned and maintained, durable with a very long production life.

Butchers Equipment Swindon – Strip Cutter

Are you looking for a unit that will perfectly tenderise cuts of meat efficiently and quickly look no further. Reliable and flexible with a compact drive system that is perfectly hygienic.. The Carneoline S111. is suitable for butchers shops, commercial kitchens. Built to accommodate standard gastro norm trays.

Butchers Equipment Swindon
Butchers Equipment Swindon

Butchers Equipment Swindon – Meat and Bone Saws

Finally another area of meat processing equipment we supply are meat and Bone Saws. The Carneoline FK23 saw, made entirely from stainless steel. Suitable for frozen and fresh meats, Fish and poultry. Ideal on the sales counter or in the preparation room.

Also the electronics are sealed and the unit will withstand heavy duty cleaning, the parts are easily removed safely and easily. A wide range of saw blades are available for a multitude of different tasks. Height adjustable blades and guards. Guaranteed injury free saw blade changes.

Butchers Equipment Swindon - Meat and Bone Saws
Butchers Equipment Swindon – Meat and Bone Saws

All the retail equipment from Bizerba can be viewed at your place of business. no need for you to travel. Contact Bizerba today and we will visit you are demonstrate the systems.