Heavy Duty Weighing Scales

Heavy duty weighing scales from Bizerba. Industry leaders in checkweigh and logistic weighing systems. Generally referred to as industrial platform scales or load receptors. Developed over decades we manufacture some of the most robust systems available today.

Heavy Duty Weighing Scales – Variants

Featuring the best performing heavy duty scales are the iL Professional 20000. A platform scale capable of weighing loads of up to 15 tonnes. Ideally suited to the metal or steel industry but is also currently being used effectively in the chemical industry.

Alternatively you may want to consider warehouse scales for goods in and goods out, used as weigh scales or counting scales. Handling loads of up to 2000 Kilograms. Wear resistant and durable ideal for dry any wet areas. Adapted for use as drive on scales or ramps for heavier loads.

Heavy duty weighing scales - warehouse scales
Heavy duty weighing scales – warehouse scales

All platform scales can be used with weighing terminals. Creating the perfect interface with the platform or load receptor. Ideal for multiple applications and industry sectors to include chemical and industrial uses. Able to complete complex tasks and analysis of the weights. Also able to control dosing and counting tasks.

Alternatively you may only require a basic weighing terminal for use with smaller platform scales or load receptors. Ideal for harsh warehouse environments. Guaranteed to withstand this area and will repel dust, water and contaminants completely hygienic. Consider the Industrial weighing terminal eS10-T.

Heavy Duty Weighing Scales - Hygienic
Heavy Duty Weighing Scales – Hygienic

Finally if you would like to see our range of industrial platform scales or load receptors the entire heavy duty range is available to view at our show room in Milton Keynes. Alternatively if required we can visit you at your place of business to demonstrate the products to you. Please call to book an appointment to see us or contact Bizerba for a site visit.