Machine Vision Inspection Systems

Machine Vision Inspection Systems from Bizerba. Multiple solutions depending on your vision inspection requirements. Today we will discuss the variants to enable you to make an informed decision on what would be the machine for vision inspection  systems for you.

Firstly the newest addition to the vision inspection range is the packaging inspection system Luceo Thermo Secure L. Not only checking packaging seals and integrity. The system is also programmable. Furthermore determining the correct labels have been used, It will also check the label positioning and integrity. Rejecting any packages that fall outside your programmed set criteria.

Watch our newest Machine Vision inspection systems video for the Thermo Secure L.

Machine Vision Inspection Systems – BVS®-L maxx

Secondly our most popular and most respected system in the industry the BVS®-L maxx vision inspection system. Impressive system performance working along side the Bizerba software Statistics Brain. Giving you complete control and clarity on your production line performance. Offering real time and historical data at a touch of a button.

Also this is normally used in conjunction with an dynamic checkweigher, Checking and managing up to 140 packages per minute. rejecting with pushers any goods or packages that do not meet the very high standards you have programmed into the easy to use interface.

Also this system adapted and fitted with an analogue laser system to enable you to record the profile and type of packages passing through the lines. The added value feature when running multiple product lines that need inspecting..

Why not watch the impressive Vision Inspection System BVS®-L maxx in action on the next video link. Showcasing the very best inspection systems on the market today.

Finally machine Vision Inspection Systems designed and adapted to your plant quickly and easily. Adding a layer of protection that x-ray and metal detectors can not identify. Used with the Bizerba filling systems and dynamic checkweighers, be reassured of a perfectly sound and robust production line at all times.

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