In Motion Checkweighing Systems

In Motion Checkweighing Systems by Bizerba. Customised to your requirements or we have standard solutions. Choose the very best design for a hygienic checkweigher and reliability. Now in it’s 150th year developing the very high standards with regard to weighing and checkweighing systems.

In Motion Checkweighing Systems – Areas of use

A hygienic checkweigher normally used in areas of food production. Where extensive cleaning would be required, recommend is the CWPmaxx dynamic checkweigher. The product below designed for the bakery industry and related production lines.

In Motion Checkweighing Systems - Bakery
In Motion Checkweighing Systems – Bakery

Designed with high pressure cleaning in mind, with IP69 protection where stipulated. Extremely robust and can withstand intensive high pressure cleaning in wet areas. Ergonomic and built with safety in mind. Offering the perfect solution for unpack-aged food products.

A standard checkweigher will weigh and reject any over filled and under filled packages, reducing wastage and eliminating the risk of supplying an under filled package. One of the most popular systems the CWEmaxx checkweigher used in conjunction with a BVS®-L maxx vision inspection system.

In Motion Checkweighing Systems – With Inspection

Consequently used in tandem these two systems will not only weigh and reject incorrect items, the added layer of protection from the vision system will ensure the seal integrity of the packages. Reject any incorrect labels and bar codes and even check that the sell by date or expiry date of the packaged goods is within the set criteria.

Also you may want to add an x-ray food inspection system to your production line. Recently a common trend in the requirements from the UK retail industry is that to supply products you must use and x-ray inspection system as oppose to an metal inspection system.  A metal detector is perfect for identifying ferrous and non ferrous metals. It will not be able to pick up plastics, rubber or inconsistencies within the packages.

In Motion Checkweighing Systems - X-Ray Food
In Motion Checkweighing Systems – X-Ray Food

So in conclusion if you are looking for the very best solution when it comes to in motion checkweighing systems contact Bizerba. We offer free consultation visits and site surveys. We also from time to time have a complete checkweighing systems set up in our industrial showroom in Milton Keynes. Why not call to book an appointment today.

In Motion Checkweighing System Bizerba CWE Max 1500 Technical Sheet