Hanging Scales

Bizerba hanging scales, a variety of different scales for industrial and retail areas. Covering multiple sectors and arenas. Bizerba scales have a solution for your business. Firstly we will look at the retail hanging scales for fresh food including fish counters.

Hanging Scales – Retail

There are over 50 retail scales to choose from in the Bizerba range. The most popular hanging scale, the retail scale, PC based hanging scale KH II 400. Primarily designed with assisted seals in mind, the hanging scale, perfectly suited to the fish counter. The load plate designed in such a way that no spillages will come into contact with the unit.

Consider a perfectly hygienic solution that also offers a customer display to advertise to shoppers, showcasing special offers and deals. Fully adaptable for any environment easily integrated with existing software or 3rd party software solutions. The entire unit is easily cleaned and designed for wet areas.

Hanging Scales KH II 400
Hanging Scales KH II 400

Also a set of basic scales in the range, designed for wet areas to include fish, fruit and vegetables or areas where wet cleaning is required. The SC II 400 Hanging scales. Both the units above come with a built in integrated label printer which will print on decorative labels, print receipts and labels where required. Both come with back lit displays for assisted sales.

Hanging Scale SC II 400
Hanging Scale SC II 400

Hanging Scales – Industrial

Furthermore industrial hanging scales are very different in appearance. Generally designed for very heavy loads. Used in high volume, high production areas. Normally described as overhead track scales, usually used in the meat industry, but not limited to this arena. Weighing over 300 items per hour over weights up to 1000 Kilograms. Ideal for good in and goods out and cold storage areas. Each over head track hanging scale can come with a multiple of alternative attachments, either, clips, hooks or rails.

Hanging Scale - Overhead Track Scale
Hanging Scale – Overhead Track Scale

Finally if you have a requirement for an industrial hanging scale or monorail overhead track scale we have developed a number of bespoke solutions for many business’s. Feel free to contact Bizerba and we offer free site surveys and consultation visits. No obligation quotes.


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