Industrial Floor Scales

Industrial Floor Scales from Bizerba, another name for Load receptors or platform scales. One of the most popular floor scales are the lift up scale with an assisted lifting frame. Designed to sit extremely low to the floor enabling heavy loads to easily be transferred on and off the scale.

Industrial Floor Scales – Uses

Considering the flexibility of this floor scale the uses are endless. Maybe required for goods in or out in a warehouse environment or a factory and use it as a counting scale. Where these industrial floor scales really make a difference is in the food industry where hygiene is paramount.

The scale is easily cleaned, can be lifted very easily, even though extremely heavy. Built into the scale is an easy lifting system to enable thorough hygienic cleaning. Gas powered mechanism that once in the required position will lock in place. Made from food grade stainless steel to be used in dry and wet areas.

Further uses for industrial floor scales, industrial platform scales or load receptors are for vehicle pit scales, weighing the cars, lorries or vans to give an indication of the load in the vehicle. Extremely popular in garages, also known to be used by the local authorities as oppose to using a weigh bridge. These receptors are more portable and can be moved to multiple locations with little effort.

Industrial Floor Scales – Types

There are many different types of platform scales or floor scales from hanging scales to roller track scales and wall mounted. Wall mounted scales for parcels for warehousing, goods in and goods out. Not limited to this area, but a popular choice.

Industrial Floor Scales Wall Mounted
Industrial Floor Scales Wall Mounted

There is such a large variety of floor scales please see the following section of Bizerba Industrial Scales to find the variant you require. Alternatively, Contact Bizerba and we will be happy to assist you.