Precision Checkweigher

Bizerba Precision Checkweigher systems offer you the maximum assurance or quality production line, inline checkweighing. Precisely check and weigh every package that passes along the conveyor with confidence. From 10 grams to 1500 grams. With conveyor belt speeds of up to 170 meters per minute. Or up to 400 Items per minute.

Precision Checkweigher – Which Model?

Generally for high speed food production weighing that also requires an extremely hygienic checkweigher we would recommend the CWF maxx dynamic checkweigher. Mainly used by food processing companies that need to make sure the systems are meticulously clean.

Also all the components on this model are easily accessible for cleaning. Easy belt changes, no tools needed. The system will also record all the statistical data and reject automatically any under or over weight packages. Also controlling the package flow for different items on the line. Data would be reviewed on print or online at the system or remotely.

Precision Checkweigher CWF Maxx
Precision Checkweigher CWF Maxx

Furthermore there are two other models available to the UK market, the CWE Maxx Dynamic checkweigher and the CWD Maxx Dynamic checkweigher. Both of these systems are extremely versatile. All models in the range should be used with end of line inspection equipment. These two entry systems are generally considered to be the entry level systems checkweighing up to 250 units per minute.

Precision Checkweigher – Alternative Variants

In addition added Consideration for two other models in the precision checkweigher range. The CWPmaxx dynamic checkweigher. Most suited to harsh and difficult industrial environments. This system also comes with a perfectly hygienic design for food production areas.

Alternatively a system has been designed solely for the bakery industry where hygiene sensitive materials are to be used.  Also consider integrating our bakery industry software. This system has no deflection rollers, no parts to break or replace a continuous belt which is also  easily replaced if necessary.

Precision Checkweigher – Optional Components

Finally no precision checkweigher would be complete without the fill quantity system working seamlessly with the checkweigher, as products move through the plant, from fill quantity, weight then onto the Bizerba inspection systems.

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