Inspection Systems

Bizerba Inspection systems covering all the food industry and manufacturing industry requirements for inspection. We supply X-Ray, Vision inspection and Metal detectors.

Inspection Systems – By Bizerba

Covering every angle we have developed some of the most respected inspection system combinations in the food industry today. From X-Ray food to packaging and vision inspection systems. Checking labels and content continuously. All systems are used as stand alone units or a part of the production line.

Inspection Systems – Metal Inspection

Firstly we will look at the Metal detectors or metal inspection systems. Quickly detecting all metal types in unpacked and packed products. Automatically rejecting any contaminated products with pushers, The modular system with over 200 variants available that can be tailored to the business needs.

Inspection Systems - Metal Inspection
Metal Inspection

Inspection Systems – X-Ray Inspection

Checking for foreign objects and will reject any packages that do not meet the set criteria. Easy set up and easily maintained. One of our popular and relied upon systems in the food industry today. A normal requirement for any food producer to enable them to supply major chains across the UK. Able to detect and check up to an impressive 600 packages per minute.

Inspection Systems - X-Ray Inspection
X-Ray Inspection
Inspection Systems – Vision Inspection

Finally we look at the newest to the Bizerba range of inspection options in the portfolio. The company recently acquired Luceo the world renown vision inspection systems. The high end inspection unit will report and check labels, package integrity and an entire range of criteria that can be easily programmed to suit your requirements. Ideal for packaging inspection.

Visually inspecting up to 200 packages per minute. If you require a system to check above and below the package the alternative option is to look at the BVS®-L maxx vision inspection system . The system comes with integrated lines already built in to the universal or standard formats. Will fit into any production line.

All vision systems are support by the Bizerba Brain Data Capture Software range. for dosing, reporting rejecting and food traceability.

For more information on the inspection product range feel free to contact Bizerba. Alternatively we can offer you an appointment to view the systems at our show room in Milton Keynes ( by appointment ) . Or we can visit you.