Retail Shop Scales

Retail Shop Scales to be considered is a must for all stores across the UK. Being able to offer a register that can also weigh goods not only saves space. In addition will enable one device to manage a multitude of tasks.

Firstly PC scales are the most popular systems we provide, the perfect solution with the flexibility to be used in assisted sales or self service. The KH range will cover the following areas.

Retail Shop Scales and Applications

  • Counter Scale for the fresh food counter.
  • Counter Top Scale with object recognition
  • Counter Top Scale with shortened column for assisted sales.
  • Hanging Scales for the Seafood Counter.
  • Counter Top Scale with customer display.
  • Self Service Price and Labelling.
  • Counter top scale with a separate load receptor.

The following video showcases some of the highlights and features of the PC Scales K Class Retail Shop Scales.

Retail Shop Scales X Class and K Class

Also consider a higher performance scale the XC 800 Counter top or Compact counter top retail scale XC 100. Complete flexibility offering assisted sales, self service and price labelling. Offering touch screen operation integrated printers and an addition feature to allow cross selling and advertising.

The following video highlights some of the features and benefits of this integrated system.

In addition one of the most popular products to the range due to the complete flexibility and modular design if required. PC Scales K Class.

Complete flexibility is key to the success of the unique system on the market today. The system integrated easily into any service counter. Handling assisted sales and self service weigh price labelling. To be used as a stand alone system or combined depending on the requirements.

This solution tailor made to any requirements, endless combinations make the Retail Shop Scale K Class the best solution on the market today. Watch the latest video showcasing some of the areas and solutions this all round unit can manage.

Also the range would not be complete without mentioning our basic range of retail shop scales. We have developed three alternative variants and there are over 14 model combinations to choose from. Stand mounted, self service or hanging scales. We have a model that is sure to fulfil any requirements in this range.

Retail Shop Scales - Basic Range
Retail Shop Scales – Basic Range

Finally we move onto the point of sales systems with data logic for integration into scanner systems. Each weighing system in this range seamlessly integrated. Working with existing software and operating systems with ease. NCR and Honeywell scanners are easily integrated with our software solutions supplied with the units if required.

In conclusion. For further information on the retail shop scales range. Contact Bizerba today.

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