Checkweighers UK

Checkweighers UK? Or where can I purchase checkweighers in the UK. One of the largest checkweighing suppliers to industry is Bizerba. They have been developing and producing the finest weigh equipment for over 150 years. We continually strive to produce the most robust and hygienic checkweigher in the market today.

Checkweighers UK. What are my Options?

There are four main variants of checkweighers UK from Bizerba. Dynamic checkweighers the CW range.  For food and non food production. To be used on inline production facilities. Accompanied by an inspection system. Choosing the right inspection system for your facility is vitally important. The three main inspection systems are as follows. Vision inspection, x-ray inspection and metal detectors.

The newest inspection system to our product portfolio is the Vision inspection system Luceo. The latest video below.

The Dual Lane vision inspection machine from Bizerba. Will check for label consistency. package integrity and external contaminants.

We have developed checkweighers for all industry sectors, to include packaged foods or products. The systems will weigh and reject all products up to 400 items per minute. They can handle weights from 10 grams to 1500 grams.

The most effective and popular system is the checkweigher CWE Maxx with Metal detector. This combination turns the checkweigher into a complete inspection system. For middle to high end production use. You can also add a vision or x-ray food inspection systems to the line.

Finally all our systems come with easy replacement belt systems. No tools are needed for this. Enabling quick change. With minimal down times if a belt should fail. We offer full training and support with all our systems. We have a complete service and support network if you require added assistance. Or read further about our hygienic checkweigher.

If you would like more information on our products of services or you would like a free site survey. Please contact Bizerba directly. We will visit you at your convenience. Alternatively you may call to book an appointment to view all our systems at our bespoke showroom.

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