Check Weigher

Check Weigher or Industrial scales. An industry term describing a production weigh scale. There are other ways of writing this term. Checkweigher or Dynamic checkweigher being the most prominent. We offer a complete range of Check weigher systems to suit food and non food production lines.

Firstly the most popular check weigher systems discussing applications where commonly used. For detailed information on each product mentioned please contact Bizerba directly for further information.

Check Weigher Range

Three main areas for the check weigher applications are as follows. Firstly the metro logically approved checkweigher. This system controls the package flow, defines each product and classifies it. Sorting products into to legally stipulated weight classes. At all times offering historical and real time data reporting.

Secondly the check weigher with metal detectors. Modular systems that can easily be adapted to all production lines. Offing unlimited flexibility due to the wide range of belt options available for the system. No tools are required for quick belt changes.

Thirdly the checkweighers for unpack-aged food. Or commonly known as a hygienic checkweigher. The system will weigh and check perishable and fresh foods whilst at all times ensuring a clean environment. Easily maintained and can also be operated in wet areas.

Check Weigher & Inspection

Furthermore you can combine a checkweigher with vision inspection systems and x-ray food systems. Thus giving you complete control over the end product and customer offering.

Check Weigher Software

Check Weigher Software
Check Weigher Software

Additionally used in conjunction with the data capture software or our BRAIN food industry software systems. All historical information is reported upon. Including food trace ability and any problematic areas within the production line.

When used with the appropriate inspection system and software the check weigher will be an invaluable asset to any production line. Additionally helping eliminate over and under fill packages, further reducing costs. Adding the benefit of a fully inspected and compliant package.

In conclusion, if you are looking for an added layer of integrity to your production line and need to weigh goods as stipulated on the packaging. Adding a layer of protection so that you can avoid product recalls. We now offer a complete consultation service and free site surveys. Empowering you to make an informed decision on the correct products for your business.

To book an appointment to see the systems in action we also have an industrial showroom at our head office in Milton Keynes. All systems can be set up for you to test and review. Or you may want a free site survey to discuss an appropriate solution on site.