Thermal Labels

Bizerba thermal labels. For all your label needs. Industrial and commercial labels. Printer labels and thermal paper solutions for your business. For a full description on our label solutions watch our latest video.

What thermal labels do I need?

You can download the label catalogue here. There are many label printers to choose from in the industrial and retail range.  One of the most popular printers is the “GLP IMaxx” Label Printer.

Label Printer GLP IMaxx

As a stand alone label printer or can be used with weigh technology. Used in combination it is the perfect solution as a starter package for your weigh price labelling. The unit will accommodate rolls up to 300 mm. This will also ensure you are adhering to the food labelling regulations.

All the label printers are network capable. Controlled via the internet or internal network. Easily maintained the unit can be adjusted without any need for tools. The unit has PC based hardware which ensures that there is a huge capacity for storage of data.

Label Printer GLP IMaxx
Label Printer GLP IMaxx

Thermal labels have been the industry standard for many years. Furthermore label technologies have progressed. Consideration should be made when purchasing 3rd party products.

Ensure the best results by purchasing the right products. When you purchase a quality machine. Ensure you have a quality label. Inferior labels will fade quickly. Shorten the life of the label machine. Potentially cause unforeseen problems. Creating unwanted down time in production.

Thermal labels are a reactive material. We have also developed surface sealing for the labels. This ensures that nothing can interfere with the finished printed product. The labels can also accommodate pictures and alternative fonts to enhance your brand.

If you would like more information on the range. you can contact Bizerba today. Our staff are always happy to help with any requirements you may have. From commercial slicers to the humble label and label printer.

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