metal inspection system

A unique metal inspection system by Bizerba. Check out the latest install of our checkweigh inspection system at Caffe Milani. An insight to one of the many applications for the Bizerba inspection system.

Where to place a metal inspection system.

The end of the line, middle of the line. Where do you place the system. In our experience. the end of the line. Ensure nothing has contaminated the product that may reach the customer. Consider the metal inspection system or metal detector Varicon.

Considering all the current product recalls a metal detection system is a must for any food production facility. We have created  a range of white papers discussing product recalls and how to avoid them. You can down load your copy here. The papers focus primarily on Bakery and ready meal products. The  principle can be applied to your plant.

A water tight or robust inspection system. Apply and implement implement metal detection systems. Also deploy a vision inspection system and an x-ray inspection system to ensure nothing is missed in the production line.

Metal inspection system and vision inspection.

Vision inspection systems are ideal to identify irregular labelling. Damaged packages split products at inconsistent products at the end of the line. Not all inspection systems are able to identify any metal within the package. An alternate system would be to implement an x-ray food inspection system.

Detection of foreign bodies in packages is paramount for any food production facility. Choosing the correct combination of inspection systems can be difficult. You can contact bizerba for assistance.

Bizerba offers free site surveys. Consultation backed by logistical planning. You may also book an appointment to view our products at our bespoke show room in Milton Keynes.

Contact Bizerba to book and appointment or call to request a visit from our expert consultant in your area.




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