Dynamic checkweigher CWF maxx

The Dynamic checkweigher CWF Maxx. A completely integrated inspection system. For fresh food areas. The systems can be combined with metal detectors and vision systems. Completely cover all your inspection and checking needs.

Integrated Inspection System Dynamic Checkweigher CWF Maxx.

The CWF Maxx dynamic checkweigher. Combined with the Varicon metal detector. This will completely transform the operation system dynamic checkweigher CWF Maxx. This will be a complete inspection system. Fully compliant to all the current regulations.

To enhance the quality. The system can be combined with multiple units and inspection systems. Controlling package flow. Categorising products and goods. Sorting goods by presetting the system and defining the parameters.

Any packages that do not fall into the correct criteria, will be rejected. Incorrect weights or labels will be rejected. The CWF Maxx is perfect as a combination system.

Ideally suited to the following areas of use within the food industry.

  • Frozen products.
  • Instant meals.
  • Meat and sausage products.
  • Dairy products.

All contaminated packages. Out of tolerance or non complaint. Will be rejected by the system. Fill control with automatic checkweighing. Saving on material loss and costs. A consistent and perfect product every time. Ensuring customer satisfaction.

Speed and production is of the essence. The system boasts belt speeds of up to 170 meters per minute. From 10 grams to 15 Kilograms. All Bizerba checkweighers come with quick belt change systems. All made of the highest grade stainless steel for easy cleaning.

The checkweigher system also incorporates the Bizerba food industry software. This will manage statistics. Logistics and operational performance. A full colour display tailored to your requirements. All software can be combined into your existing plant.

We offer a tailored systems. Individually designed to your specific requirements. Software and reporting designed with your needs in mind. No two manufacturing plants are the same.

For a free site survey or consultation. Contact Bizerba today. Alternatively call to book an appointment. Come and view the systems at our showroom in Milton Keynes.


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