Factory Scales

Bizerba Factory Scales or Load Receptors. Load receptors, mobile or fixed. Determine which is the best solution for you. This will be based on your product portfolio.

A Professional Load Receptor or Factory Scales.

The iL Professional 150 F/HY The load receptor. The iL Professional 150 consists of a hybrid load transmission system that works together with a DMS load cell.

This combination of leverage and load cell proves itself. Especially in a rough industrial environment. Nonetheless offers a very high resolution up to 3 x 3000 e.

They are available with a load receptor made of galvanised steel or completely made of stainless steel. The bell-shaped load plate. This is visible to the user and is a part of of both variants.

The open construction under the bell shaped load plate the load receptor can be cleaned easily and effectively. Furthermore components of the load receptor have adjustable feet and a spirit level.

Flexible and can optimally be adapted to the conditions or surroundings. An additional advantage is that the load cell of the iL Economy 150 F/HY is also available as Ex variants. This allows the use in hazardous areas.

Professional factory scale
Professional factory scales or Load Receptor.

There are  many variants of a theme for factory scales or load receptors. These can be used in many other industries. If weight control is a key factor. The range comes in three distinct categories.

  1. Economy.
  2. Professional.
  3. Special.

Factory Scales The Economy Range.

The economy range is generally the most popular for a factory. Multiple uses made out robust hard wearing materials. Managing weights from 150 Kilograms to 4000 Kilograms.

Depending on your requirements, Bizerba will have a solution for you. Some of the special load receptors will enable you to control the weight to the gram.

Use Bizerba BRAIN software for all your check weigh solutions.

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