New Bizerba Checkweigher

Introducing the new Bizerba checkweigher CWH Maxx. You can read the full newsroom release here. The new dynamic checkweigher can check prepackaged products in the fresh and dry range. Fully automatic checkweigher and will check and weigh up to 250 items per minute.

New Bizerba Checkweigher CWH Maxx.

To highlight the system first of all.  The new Bizerba checkweigher is fully automatic. Ejecting and checking the production line at fantastic speeds. The new Bizerba checkweigher has smooth surfaces and an open construction. Which is perfect for a hygienic checkweigher.

The system should be used inline with a metal detector. Furthermore can be used inline to x-ray food. Both inspection systems can be adapted to detect foreign bodies or contaminants. Continually ensuring that production is consistent.

Continuously pushing the boundaries in high speed production. the checkweigher complies with all the current legislation. Guaranteeing your production line is compliant at all times. The CWH Maxx checkweighers will check, the fill quantity. It will sort and classify the goods on the line.

Keeping the new Bizerba checkweigher clean.

Cleanliness and hygiene are paramount in food production areas, The CWH Maxx ticks all these boxes. It is made from the very highest quality stainless steel. Completely open at the base. It has no unnecessary edges or corners. The components easily removed, cleaned and replaced. They are attached to the framework. Replacement of the belts can be done quickly without any tools.

When used with additional inspection systems. the CWH Maxx becomes a combo checker. Not only checking weight, but also checking foreign bodies. The control unit will hold up to 10,000 products. The statistical information is accessed by the built in display.

The system is modular. To be used with multiple detection systems. Or as a stand alone unit. It can also be used with options. Increased  production. Improve the safety. Prefect the reporting.

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