In Motion Scales

In Motion Scales from Bizerba. High Speed. Heavy Load. Process Control Systems. Dynamic In-Motion Scales. Introducing the CWL Eco Flexx. Also known as a dynamic checkweigher or in motion scales.

The Best in Motion Scales.

Are you looking for the best dynamic checkweigher it can be a challenge. On the market today there is a vast variety of options. However only Bizerba have a solution, that can be tailored to your requirements. With safety in mind, you get the choice of the best dynamic scales.

As a result you will be able to easily integrate your conveyor system into the the scales. The system can handle extremely heavy loads. Accurately configured, it will weigh at incredible speeds. Using the configuration tool to set up your own parameters.

Another highlight is the filling and the quantity weighing. Ensuring all the products are weighed at all times. Hence all your products will be accurate at the end of production.

Therefore the system will as follows. Check the quality control. Most noteworthy the product recognition. Built in scanners. Ensuring a quality product. Tested in all industries. Tried in all sectors. Tailored in all verticals.

Choosing in Motion Scales.

Furthermore, We can offer free site surveys. In addition, we can also offer appointments at our head office. Rather than trying to imagine the system, you can view it in action.

For more technical information on the CWL Eco flexx and CWL-I. You are free to visit the Bizerba website. Almost all of these systems will require a site visit at some point.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a checkweigher that requires the following.

  • Designed to Weigh on an incline of up to 20°.
  • Complete Start and Stop process.
  • Includes external display with step operation.
  • Special dimensions outside modular dimensions.
  • Control cabinet. Furthermore.
  • Also PLC incl. programming. To include.
  • Finally, Automatic and dynamic adjustment with log function.Contact Bizerba today.