Checkweighers For Dry Areas

Checkweighers for dry areas or mainly for non food production areas. The dynamic checkweigher CWD Maxx is designed for entry level production. It will comfortably manage up to 250 units per minute. Checkweighers for dry areas are the first choice for areas that do not require wet cleaning or involve open food products.

Other uses for Checkweighers for dry areas.

Any area that will not require wet cleaning, so it can be packaged food. or it could be anything from boxed or packaged products at the end of a line. The CWD Maxx has a modular construction and can accommodate up to five belts. It can also be used with metal and vision detection systems.

The system has IP54 Protection for the very best in it’s class. The first choice for any production facility. The modules can be configured to the specific site. Tailoring the system to the business needs.

The system will also control the fill quantity and quality. The weighing ranges are from 10 grams to 3000 grams. It also includes calibration weighing. This ensures that is is set to the current regulations and rules.

The units are extremely flexible and can be adapted to accommodate a number of inspection systems. The unit can also be used to manage the production lines statistical data. Brain industry software can be implemented with ease. Giving you live production data reports.

The system can also be supplied with 7 inch or 12 inch full colour screens. The entire systems if fully adjustable to suit your needs. If you are looking for entry level checkweighers for dry areas. Please contact bizerba today.

We offer free site surveys. Consultation and tendering. We currently work with some of the largest food and non food production sites in the United Kingdom.

Alternatively, book an appointment to see the unit in action at our show room in Milton Keynes.