Hygienic Checkweigher

The Bizerba CWPmaxx address’s the problems that can arise from an inefficient hygienic checkweigher.  The wet area CWPmaxx eliminates any contamination issue you may have with your current checkweigh solution for all your unpackaged food.

The Bizerba CWPmaxx Hygienic Checkweigher

Firstly placing customer safety first without compromise.  Hygiene problems can arise at many points, the main points of concern in production are normally at the in feed, weighing and out feed belts.

In addition food remnants can and will fall off the conveyor from time to time and collect in areas of the machine that are difficult to access, there the contaminants or remnants will become a safety risk. Implementing a hygienic checkweigher can eliminate this risk. Reducing the risk and eliminating it the CWPmaxx has been designed in a way which will enable you to avoid spoiling any products without any preservatives or could be contaminated by bacteria.

Hygienic Checkweigher – Cleaning

Remnants can also collect next to the conveyor belt, another reason to apply a more hygienic checkweigher, the belts are generally narrower than the conveyor body and deposits can find their way back into the production flow. A further weak point is with the ball bearings in the drive and guide rollers or individual conveyor belts.

Also consider ball bearings, drives and conveyor belts often react badly to any washing with detergents and water, they can wear out very easily and can then represent a hygiene risk. In contrast the hygienic checkweigher CWPmaxx will totally eradicate any of these risks.

Hygienic Checkweigher – Design

Finally the CWPmaxx Hygienic checkweigher has been ergonomically designed in accordance with the European Engineering and Design Group (EHEGD) this not only ensures compliance but reinforces the systems capabilities.

Highlights that make the CWPmaxx Hygienic Checkweigher unique and a must for your production line:

  • Detergents and water will run off due to the slanted surfaces and no areas to accumulate.
  • No guide rollers with ball bearings.
  • Only one Conveyor belt and Motor.
  • No corrosion from detergents and water.
  • Remnants cannot fall into any part of the machine and back into production.
  • Easily removed conveyor belt.
  • Everything can be cleaned using a high pressure water system.
  • The entire system can resist aggressive detergents and high pressure cleaners, type IP65K protection.
  • Reduced expendable parts to eliminate and reduce expensive downtime and maintenance.

Download the Latest Product information. dynamic-process-scale-cwpmaxx-bakery

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