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One of the most important areas within the food industry is Data Capture and Food Traceability. Niche food systems software. A subsidiary of Bizerba (UK) ltd are experts in this field. With decades of experience in supplying quality and cost effective Data Capture and Traceability Software.

As the food industry develops. So do the systems and equipment that support it. Bizerba Niche Food systems are at the forefront to supply the very best, robust software systems and solutions to support every sector within the food industry to include,  Meat, Poultry, Fish, Seafood, Cheese, Food service and Recipe Formulation.

Why Data Capture?

Today and in the future it is becoming extremely important to be able to capture and trace all products through from the supply chain to the end product. Tracking where if any problems may arise in the production process. Addressing them quickly, avoiding any costly product recalls or lines to be closed due to contamination.

The Nucleus system,- software solution. Now available in all the current media formats and can be accessed remotely on any device. So you’re never far away from any alerts. The software can be tailored to all requirements and will manage the process for you in your absence, then being able to log in with any device if an alert should occur. This makes the Nucleus application a must have for any food production facility.

Data Capture & Sales Order Processing. Get the Gateway APP!

To compliment the data capture and food traceability software from our Nucleus range of applications. Niche & Bizerba can also assist in your Sales Order Processing requirements.  The launch of the Gateway application will support any orders that your customers may have for you via the use of web based technology. Applications supplied to any potential customers that work with you. Install the app on a preferred device and log in, at a click of a button. Your orders will come flooding through.

The Gateway sales order application will sync seamlessly with your in-house sales system.  All your customers will need is the app. No longer will the chef have to call through to place an order by telephone. Systems should be applied to all industry sectors. Small or large and is flexible. All tailored to your specific needs. This includes existing 3rd party SOP systems or other Bizerba products.

Do you have a need for Data Capture? Food Traceability or a food ordering & sales order processing software solution?

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